Califo's Story

A Lifelong Love Affair: From Pinched Fingers to Bag-Tastic Adventures

Oh, let me take you on a wild ride through my lifelong obsession: handbags! Back in the day, those metal-framed purses had a funny way of pinching my fingers, but did that stop me? Heck no! I was hooked from the start. The way they opened and closed, revealing secret nooks for all sorts of goodies—blush, coins, mirrors—was like a magical show I couldn't get enough of. Fast-forward to today, and those compartments have gone from holding candy and toys to hoarding makeup, money, and whatever my munchkins demand on a whim. Forget a sharpie, hand sanitizer, or a band-aid? Fear not, I've got your back!

Flashback to 1999: I got the chance to dive into the world of handbags in none other than Florence, Italy. Talk about a dream come true! The streets were swarming with knockoffs, and I became an expert in spotting the real deal. Who knew becoming a handbag detective would be so exhilarating? But my love affair with these beauties didn't stop at their looks; I was utterly smitten by how they were put together. Stitching, hardware, handle size, leather type—these were the secret ingredients that gave each bag its unique character.

Time marched on, and guess what? That "bag bug" just wouldn't let go. Becoming a mom gave me a fresh perspective, a new lens to channel my passion and creativity. My first "official" bag was a tag-team effort with my tiny tots, adorned with patches and doodles that practically danced off the bag. Heads turned wherever I went, and let me tell you, that was a blast!

Then came the moment of truth: the chance to create my very own bag collection. I didn't just dip my toes in; I cannonballed right in! Seeing friends and clients light up with joy and confidence thanks to my creations? Pure magic. Their happiness fueled my fire, and I never looked back.

So here's a virtual high-five for stopping by! If you're up for more bag-tastic adventures, let's connect on Instagram @califobh. Your support and smiles keep me going as I dive headfirst into the endless sea of handbags and the stories they carry. Cheers to this exciting journey, where every bag is an invitation to fun and a dash of fabulous!