About Califo

I have always been fascinated with handbags. As a little girl I would always get my fingers pinched in the metal framed purses, and I still couldn’t get enough of them. I was always mesmerized with how they opened and closed, the compartments for blush, coins and mirrors, and that shifted over the years from stuffing those compartments with toys and candy to makeup and money and now whatever my kids need at any given time. If you ever need a sharpie, hand sanitizer, a band-aid, snack, crayons or stickers, I can help you out!

In 1999, I was offered an opportunity to work in retail selling handbags in Florence, Italy and I did not hesitate! There were so many designer copies on the street, I learned to become an expert on the details that went into making a legitimate, quality bag. My fascination evolved into the construction of the bags. I loved how things like stitching, hardware, size of handles and the type of leather made each bag look and feel completely different.

Over the years the “bag bug” never got too far away from me. When I had children it was a great way for me to explore my creativity and passion through new eyes. My first “official” bag was designed with the help of my two little ones. It had patches and artwork that took on a life of its own. I got stopped everywhere. 

When the opportunity came for me to put together a collection of my own bags, I jumped right in and never looked back. There is no better feeling than seeing friends and clients happy and confident because of something I helped put in their hands. 

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Carrie Ucer